Model talks about beauty- 2nd multimedia post

Model talks about beauty- 2nd multimedia post

In this Ted Talk, Cameron Russel, a model that has modeled for brands such as Victorias Secret and Chanel, talks about what beauty is today and how people perceive beauty. She mentions about how she became a model; how she is “part of a legacy and won the lottery”.

Cameron wonders why children want to be a model because it really isn’t everything. She says that looks aren’t everything. If only every (child) model believed that… This video has millions of views and it shows how much of an impact she made by doing this Ted talk. She says that modeling really isn’t a career path, which many children in modeling may think they can be. She says that the pictures of her are actually constructions… they aren’t her. Looks aren’t who someone is, and she wants people to realize this. She found out that of the 13 year-old girls in the United States, 53% of them are unhappy with their bodies and by the time they are 17, 78% of girls are unhappy with their bodies. Why do you think this is? Because media constructs women to look to what society thinks is beautiful. Cameron is a very successful model and is very gorgeous, BUT she mentions that she is very insecure with her body because she thinks about how she looks all the time.

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